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The TCP-group, hosted at ucsd.edu, is a public discussion group for users of TCP/IP on top of the AX.25 packet radio service in the amateur radio service, constituting the experimental IP network AMPR.ORG, which has got an own class A network IP address range (AMPR-NET).

It was mostly about the KA9Q TCP/IP software running on MS-DOS systems.

Yes, back in those days, radio amateurs already used TCP/IP on packet radio networks, long before the appearence of the public InterNet. Thanks to Phil Karn (KA9Q) for developing a TCP/IP stack software for MS-DOS and making it available to the public.
I am proud being among those who started using TCP/IP as early as 1987.

Back in the ancient days, when I subscribed to some discussion lists on BITNET ListServ servers and in the ArpaNet (yes, there was worldwide networking before the ArpaNet was called Internet, and before the appearance of the World Wide Web), I saved and kept some of that old list traffic, which is now presented here.

Unfortunately, due to space constraints back in the old days, I only saved the more interesting posts, deleted those I was not interested in, and missed others.
Sorry for that censorship, but the mini-disks I had on the IBM-4381 VM system, the file space quota on the different DEC VAX machines, and finally the floppy disk space on my first PCs (360 KB first, then 1.2 MB) was very limited.

Here are the archives:

TCP-group 1995

TCP-group 1994

TCP-group 1992

TCP-group 1991

TCP-group 1990

TCP-group 1989

TCP-group 1988

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