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You need several commands to get KISS to turn on.  Here is the exact command
sequence that will get an AEA PK-232 or PK-87 into KISS mode:

AWLEN 8         -- ensure it can speak 8 bit data
PARITY 0        -- no parity
RESTART         -- warm reset; make the previous commands take effect
PACKET          -- PK-232 or Heath only
TONE 3          -- PK-87 only
START 0         -- start, stop, xon, xoff, xflow to disable software 
STOP 0             flow cont
CONMODE trans   -- pass through all characters
HPOLL off       -- disable host polling
KISS on         -- enable KISS version of host mode
RAWHDLC on      -- turn off AX25L2 (the protocol is now handled by the PC)
PPERSIST on     -- turn off DWAIT and enable p-persistence
HOST on         -- start KISS running

I hope this answers the questions.

73 de Brian, WB6RQN

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