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next release

I've once again got a hard disk on my AT, thanks to Tom LaFleur.  That means
I'm once again capable of moving towards a release.  Since it's already
April Fools Day here in Colorado, we've obviously missed the window for
an 880401.0 release (:-(, but hey...
I've done a bunch of work on the USERMAN.DOC sources, and have bits for the
ATARI ST and apparently the PC-100 card from europe.  I've pulled .19 from
louie, along with the nrnet.arc file that is currently there.
Any of yins with "better bits", please send them along.  I've been saving
some things that have wafted by, but a direct mailing either of shar'ed
bits or floppies, and/or pointers to bits on the internet will do nicely.
I'm not even going to think about a date yet, so don't ask.
Bdale Garbee, N3EUA                     phone: 719/495-0091 h, 719/590-2868 w
uucp: {bellcore,crash,hp-lsd,ncc,pitt,usafa}!winfree!bdale
arpa: bdale@net1.ucsd.edu               packet: n3eua @ k0hoa, Colorado Springs
fido: sysop of 128/19 at 719/495-2061, 2400/1200/300 baud, 24hrs/day

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