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871225.19 NET problem?

Normally the TOMCAT machine runs NET in one Desqview window so that I can
have the machine available for other office duties. TOMCAT runs on a PC's
Limited 386 machine.

Since I loaded the .19 code release, I find that when NET is running in
one window & I bring up good ol' Wordstar or other applications in another
window, things die with an INT6 machine killer. Has anyone else seen similar
problems? The never used to happen with earlier ( <= .16 ) releases.

Also FYI -- TOMCAT is now the sole owner of 20 MEG of disk space (half of
an ST251) where earlier it had a paltry 8 MEG (the hunk left over on a 40
MEG drive after MessDos took its 32 MEG maximum bite).

73, Tom

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