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Path: ucsd!ames!pasteur!ucbvax!tut.fi!jh
From: jh@tut.fi (Juha Hein{nen)
Newsgroups: comp.protocols.tcp-ip
Subject: OSI does not mean X.25
Message-ID: <8804011628.AA00382@korppi.tut.fi>
Date: 1 Apr 88 16:28:27 GMT
References: <76.008873@adam.DG.COM>
Sender: daemon@ucbvax.BERKELEY.EDU
Organization: The Internet
Lines: 30

   Evidently there are still people who see "OSI" and hear "X.25" and
   "connections".  ** THIS IS NOT A VALID ASSUMPTION! **

   You can have OSI with a Transport protocol similar to TCP (ISO
   8073) and a connectionless internetwork protocol (ISO 8473) even
   more similar to IP.  You do not have to have X.25.  You do not have
   to have PTTs.  You do not have to have network connections.  There
   is NO part of OSI that requires X.25 (although if X.25 is all you
   have, you can use it to support OSI).  OSI loves LANs.  The OSI IP
   likes nothing better than to connect LANs together (or to any other
   type of subnetwork).

I fully agree with all you are saying about ISO IP/TP4 supporting
LANs.  The problem is that according to EC politics, you are NOT
allowed to run ISO IP in the European academic OSI network!!!!
Instead you have to run CONS and they even force you to run X.25 on
your Ethernet.  This is THE European OSI.

Of course we in Finland and even wider in Scandinavia don't accept this
bullshit and are just now in the process to set up an Internet using
multiprotocol routers that soon will support ISO IP.  Because of this,
the leaders of the political OSI migration are saying that we are non
European heretics.

Hope this clarifies my earlier comment. I have nothing against OSI
but European OSI politics.

Juha Heinanen

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