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Re: Domain name servers and routes

Happy New Year to all.
Whell , it seems (as Brian writes, also in rec.hamradio.packet) that
Names and Routes are still intermixed.
              Please Note:
Names are NO Routes.
              Also NOTE:
Routes are no Names.
The domain stuff uses NAMES. Still a flat name-space and indeed having its
problems incorporated BUT HAMS live with inperfect solutions.
(If it was perfect it would not be hammish).
(SURPRISE.....) a route. Yes, a ROUTE. We as pbbs user have to tell the
system where it has to go to.
Please do not mix those XX@YY's with XX@YY's . They look the same but are not.
Please note the similarity wit STAMPS.
STAMPS look the same but old stamps have no value to a mailman and new stamps
have no value(yet) for a collector. Yet both are stamps and look, feel and
(yes) even are the same.
For every one connected to (a part of) the Internet , NAMES are unique and
a route to them can be found trough servers ( i.e. NAMESERVERS). Once you are
on your own( i.e. outside and not connected to ) the Internet,
No one can tell you how to get "there".
 And those telling that an IP address has no routing info in it has to
rethink.... Look at 44.137.x.x and YOU KNOW that you have to cross the atlantic
 to reach it. (it does not give a direct beam reading but close.)
Lets al start this new decade with saying together:
NAMES are NO ROUTES.(but dammed handy if used that way).
Regards, gerard.

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