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More|Tomcat Brain Transplant

With a lot of help from Bob Hoffman, tomcat is now running the 900102 version
of NOS online (assuming it doesn't croak!).

Had two problems:

(1) I got caught in a nameserver storm that created a 650 kbyte domain.txt
file consisting of duplicitous entries after about 5 minutes of constant
disk access. Hint: Let NOS create its own domain.txt file initially.

(2) I got caught with the interfaces having a IP address associated
with them. Hint: put the  ip address []  statement in
autoexec.net >>BEFORE<< any attach statement, or else you will have to
figure out that you can enter a statement like
   if ethernet ipa [] and
   if slip ipa [whatever]
Apparently the new code allows you to set different IP addresses on the
different physical ports!

Phil's latest NOS is on both flash and tomcat -- on tomcat it is called
net_jan.exe in \public\tcp\nos

Phil's new feature of separate saved screens for each session works very
nice -- Good Show!

73, Tom

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