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NOS AX.25 Weirdo's

Happy New Year everyone...

Here's a couple of weird ones, which I'd like to know if anyone else has been

Myself, and another local, Andy G1XRL, have been experiencing problems with
attached ax.25 tnc's.  There are two problems in particular.

1:  I happened to notice in the source that there is a new (I think) optional
parameter to the attach asy function to enable cts flow control.  However, it
only appears to work for the second (or perhaps the last) attached asy device.
If the option is enabled for certainly the first (and perhaps any attach asy
which isn't the last one) nothing seems to get sent to the tnc.  If the 'c'
parameter isn't used on the first attach, then that device communicates just
fine.  I can't verify if this only affects the first tnc, as I only have two to
play with.

2:  After some indeterminate uptime, possibly related to amount of activity on
the serial port channel, the port seems to lose the ability to send anything on
the channel.  Using a tnc2 clone (a G0BSX tnc2), the txdata LED comes on and
stays on indefinitely.  Checking the asystat, the number of bytes in the sndq
increments appropriately, but nothing gets sent to the tnc.  In my case, this
happens on the port which does not have cts flow control enabled.  In Andy's
case, he does not use cts flow control on either port, so that doesn't seem to
be relevant.  The LED stays on even after rebooting the pc, and doesn't reset
itself until the pc is rebooted, AND NOS is restarted, and the attach asy line
in autoexec.net is executed.

The version of NOS we are now using is 901107a.  I have noticed that from the
asystat command, there has usually been a number of overuns on the port (about
10 or so).  Both ports are running at 9600 baud, currently both radios are
communicating at 1200 baud, although one should be soon running at 9600 baud,
although that is on the tnc which hasn't so far locked up.

Ideas anyone?

73's and Happy New Year...
                               Chris W0/G4JEC

chrisc@moron.vware.mn.org   g4jec@g4jec.ampr.org   g4jec@g4jec.vware.mn.org

11th Hour Contest Group (North American Chapter)   Minneapolis, MN   EN34ju

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