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ax.25 packet driver

Further to my message I sent to the group on Tuesday regarding the asy device
send lockups, I decided to try using the slip8250 packet driver today, rather
than the internal attach asy method.  I tried both "KISS" and "AX.25" for the
device mode, but I couldn't get either to work with NOS.  Incidentally, execut-
ing the slip8250.com file for my tnc's causes the same symptoms as when the
attached asy device eventually locks-up - i.e. the pc->tnc tx data LED comes on
and then stays on, as soon as the slip8250 command is executed.  Unplugging the
rs232 cable from the tnc does not cause the LED to go out, however, a hard-reset
of the tnc does.

Apart from that particular problem, any packets that the tnc receives when it
is being driven by the packet driver appear as garbage to NOS.  Turning trace
on for the port shows up the data as either having an ax25 "bad header", or
some illegal kiss code (152 seemed frequent).

Has anyone at all experienced the problem I described in the preceding message,
and/or successfully used the Clarkson slip8250 packet driver with a kiss tnc2?

In case anyone missed my previous posting, I am most willing to either send the
message to anyone who would like it, or alternatively I will repost it to the
group if it never made it!  It's i.d. was <4271@g4jec.ampr.org>.

Thanks in advance for any comments/assistance...

                               Chris W0/G4JEC

chrisc@moron.vware.mn.org   g4jec@g4jec.ampr.org   g4jec@g4jec.vware.mn.org

11th Hour Contest Group (North American Chapter)   Minneapolis, MN   EN34ju

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