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SS and AR -> proxim units

>been running various tests to see how well they function and the maximum range
>we can get with the 1 watt units.  To date we have been able to get a range of
>2.3 mi by using yagi antennas.

>>    don't have to be as sensitive as receivers for MANs or even WANS.
>>    Those PROXIMs work to about -40dBm.

>     Thanks for pointing this out.  You are correct that the Proxim units were
>designed for the LAN environment.  The units which I am now playing with work
>at -90 dBm.
>     Proxim now realizes that they made a mistake in their product design.  It


Humm.. Someone's calculator is broken.

Over your 2.3 mile test path, PL could be estimated at 104dB.
( 37 + 20 log distance + 20 log frequency ).

I understood the Yagi you used to have 18 dBi on one end
and 12 dBi on the other end. Add to this your stated power
output of 1 watt (30dBm) I get a total of 60 dBm ERP.

This leads to a input power of -44 dBm, which must be the
sensitivity of the units.  You've used the free air as
a graduated (very fine ) step attenuator.


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