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        >One of my local users has experienced a weirdo with kh113014. When
        >NOS runs out of memory and crashes, it always used to be sufficient
        >to rerun nos; now it needs a re-boot as DOS has lost some of its
        >memory. Presumably NOS didn't release all its memory and DOS thinks
        >it has a TSR in there.
        >Anybody else seen this?

        This happens about twice a week here.

        And, the problem I posted about a while ago is still present -- I
        wonder if anyone has seen it:  It seems when an incoming SMTP
        connection arrives and is established, G1EMM produces the msg:
          free:WARNING! invalid pointer (0000:0008) pc = 41a4:0390 proc SMTP sever

        What's even more intersting (i.e., wierd) is that I think this only
        happens when one particular station is trying to send me mail.

        Anyone have any suggestions as to parameters that might be set wrong,
        or adjusted so as to prevent this?


        Joseph R. Skoler

        UUCP:      {cmcl2|apple!}panix!joseph
        BITNET:    skohc@cunyvm.bitnet
        INTERNET:  ak526@cleveland.freenet.edu
        AMPR NET:  kc2yu@kc2yu.ampr.org  []
        PBBS:      kc2yu@nn2z.nj.usa.na

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