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MAC sublayer protocol for TCP/IP

Phil Karn writes:

> Well, it depends on the hardware. The Grace card should be able to handle
> multiple 56k modems without any problem, but PC-based systems have a problem.
> DMA is needed, but there aren't enough DMA channels on most PCs to support
> more than one high speed channel at a time. Perhaps a stripped AT might
> be able to handle more than one PI card, once the driver is modified to
> support multiple cards.

In theory, the PI driver will handle up to 3 cards right now, although I
have not been able to test it out.  This is why the docs don't mention it.
If someone wants to try it, just use multiple attach commands, one per card.
Each card must have both a dma channel and interrupt dedicated to it. Since
it is an 8 bit card, 3 will be the limit (no more dma channels). No guarantees
in this configuration, but I would be very interested to hear from anyone who
tries it out.

(Is there anyone who *owns* more than one ? ;-)


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