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Domain server lookup problems?

I have a question regarding the domain server lookup.  I have in my domain.txt
some entries for local hosts.  These are the short names ie:  "ria.ccs.uwo.ca"
has an entry called "ria".  If I do a TELNET ria, I get connected.  I noticed
that NOS queries the domain server first.  Today, our domain server died and
it took awhile for nos to stop trying the vax, and search the local domain
file.  Would it not make sense to search the local file first?

I have this problem on packet also.  I have .ampr.org machines defined
locally, yet it queries the domain server over packet before giving up and
trying the local file.

Is this a 'feature' or a 'bug'?

Mark Bramwell, VE3PZR                Located in sunny London, Ontario

Internet: mark@hamster.business.uwo.ca  IP Address:
  Packet:  VE3PZR @ VE3GYQ               UWO Phone: (519) 661-3714

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