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kh113016 version

Hi all,
  I am putting the latest G1EMM version onto thumper in the /pub/ka9q
/incoming/G1EMM directory for your perusal. It has a few useful changes
in it which may help to make NOS more stable.

a) I have put in Anders RSPF fix for 'tentative' adjacencies not timing out.
b) The suggestion that someone made about searching the memory queue from
   the beginning made a lot of sense: And it works! Turn on the new method
   using "mem eff y". The default is still the old method of queue lookup.
c) Sockets are date/time stamped so that you can see how old they are. The
   date is displayed using 'socket <#>'. (At request of Doug.)
d) The '.bbs' suffix for the username in bbs generated mail has been dropped.
   This seemed sensible enough. Any problems, mail me. (Also Dougs request).
e) When the 'shell' or external mailer using 'mail' is invoked, I force a
   memory get of 16kb and then free it again first. This is to provide a
   buffer between the heaps current limit and the shell programs base.
   This is only done if multitasking is in use.. It's not needed otherwise.

There may be other minor twiddles.. but I can't remember them at the moment.
I can't remember if I made MX record use optional in the previous version
that I placed on thumper. If not, then look at 'smtp usemx <y|n>'. This may
well speed up Amateur diskette-only systems when sending mail.

     All the best,
| Kelvin J.Hill - BULL HN Ltd, Hounslow, England. |
| Internet - kelvin.uk22.bull.com  [] |
| Amprnet  - g1emm.ampr.org        []   |

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