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NOS & Net Incompatibility

If this has already been discussed, please excuse this posting (and
please fill me in (:-).

Has anyone noted any incompatibility between NOS (G1EMM) and Net (i.e.,
pre-NOS)?  A local switch seems to not recognize packets which have either
the DATA xx value at the end of the TCP header or if fragmentation occurs
at the IP (I think) layer.

Does anyone have a solution which would allow our two machines to communicate
(short of one of us changing NOS's)?


Joseph R. Skoler

UUCP:      {cmcl2|apple!}panix!joseph
BITNET:    skohc@cunyvm.bitnet
INTERNET:  ak526@cleveland.freenet.edu
AMPR NET:  kc2yu@kc2yu.ampr.org  []
PBBS:      kc2yu@nn2z.nj.usa.na

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