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RSPF hangups

Hi all,
Before Xmas, I sent mail indicating a problem with rspf routes
becoming "tentative" rather than "bad" when the radio got switched
off for about 18 hours. I got a reply saying that this might be due
to a timer problem with rspf.

I don't know if this problem is related or what: but I have also
noticed that over a period of days, eventually all routes are
reported as "tentative" by rspf status, even if the display says that
the timer is running and routing updates are observed to be being

Another problem is that routes never seem to dissappear: they get
amended if a better route is calculated, but never go for good. I
have a route for a station that I _know_ hasn't been on the air for
over a week now. It's a direct route as well, so it isn't that an
update loop has been created. (As an aside, it's great to be able to
make such a statement. My station stays up for as long as I require.
being floppy based, I take it down about once a week to "OPTUNE" the
disk but it hasn't crashed or run out of memory for ages).

One more thing, really an enquiry: How do I reduce the amount of
updates that get splurged out of mine, and every one else's, systems?
I thought the reason for using rspf was that the size of routing
updates would be reduced and occur only when necessary. Our
experiance around here is that rspf fires off a full routing update
every 900 secs (the setting of rspf timer), regardless of whether the
state of the routes has changed or not.  We tried using rspf mode vc
locally in the hope that this might reduce the verbage; it didn't. We
are rapidly drowning in rspf route updates around here - HELP!

73 Gareth
Gareth Howell G6KVK
g6kvk@g6kvk.ampr.org          AMPRNET          []
garethh@compulink.co.uk       EUNET
g6kvk@gb7khw._2111.gbr.eu     UK BBS Network
29 Blackmore, Letchworth, Herts ENGLAND SG6 2SX +44 (462) 677090

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