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KH113016 and C++

Seems that the latest Kelvincode and C++ don't get along...

I get "Fixup Errors" from the linker, referencing the __MKFILE routine.
I got around this by removing the tmpnam and __MKFILE routines from pc.c;
anyone have a better way to make this work with Turbo C++?

One local user can't get any C++ recompiled versions to run for more than a
few hours.  Using "mem eff y" kills it quicker.  The kh113016.exe from
thumper runs pretty well, but doesn't leave any room to shell out, he says.
I suspect that there is a problem shelling out of this version of NOS, but
I don't have enough memory (512K) to test it.  Has anyone else seen this
kind of behaviour with this version?  Can someone give me a brief explanation
of what exactly the "multitask on" command does?  Does it only do anything
if I have DESQview or such?  (Did I miss the announcement of this feature?)

  Mike (KA9WSB)

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