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New WD8003e combined IPX/Packet driver

Has anyone tried, and successfully got, the new Western Digital written packet
driver to function, when it is loaded after a Novell IPX.COM MSDOS shell driver
has been loaded?

I have tried using it with a shell generated with the netware 2.15 IPX.OBJ and
also with the netware 386 3.1 IPX.OBJ linked shell's, but the packet driver
refuses to receive any IP packets sent to it when it is used in conjuntion with

The driver does work fine when it is loaded in stand-alone mode (i.e. when IPX
has been loaded).

I have not tried running NET3.COM after ipx, because I'm testing the driver at
home, and I don't have a NetWare file-server to connect to in the shack :-), so
I can't determine if this has any effect on it's operability or not.  If it
does rely on having NET3.COM loaded, I feel this is a major short-coming,
because a NetWare file-server will not necessarily always be present in it's
final configuration.

The release I am trying to use is the one currently available for download from
the Western Digital support BBS.

Thanks in advance...


                               Chris W0/G4JEC

chrisc@moron.vware.mn.org   g4jec@g4jec.ampr.org   g4jec@g4jec.vware.mn.org

11th Hour Contest Group (North American Chapter)   Minneapolis, MN   EN34ju

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