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Ax autoroutes

Kevin et.al.

We have been setting up Kelvincode 901130 v1.6 here as a local platform for
experiments with tcp/ip and as a hilltop BBS for the ham's here in our Valley
(Grenoble, French Alps). The system has been running now for 21 days without
failure, with only the messages in mailbox.c translated to french to have
everybody here understand what's going on...

The following wierdo behaviour though has been observed, bug /feature, let's
PC is mounted in an unacessible site, runs with 100mW and 1200 bd modems.
Users acces is subject to VHF propagation either direct or using a (..shudder)
digipeater. Most ham's here run using terminals that have been distributed
free of charge by the postal services with TNC2's connected to them, TCP/IP
and PC's are new land here, netrom... well we have one....

The ax autoroute logger will correctly memorize the path a signal took to
arrive but:
When the propagation changes and the user connects directly (no digi) to
the 'server' (or ip switch or shorter nos) nos will respond using the
old memorized autoroute....

I can understand that this would be usefull for a switch INITIATING a
connection with an other station, I have some trouble understanding this
behaviour when a station tries a direct connect (plus some homework in
purging the autoroutes....) The TNC2's will not recognize UA frames
if these reach a station over a different path than the SABM frames, so
what to do???

I would like to have this group's opinion on this point before diving
into the code and creating a 'ax autoroute off' switch.



Arne Luehrs                      |  mail   arne@hppcgelo.grenoble.hp.com
Grenoble Personal Computer Group |  uucp   ...!hplabs!hppcgelo!arne
Hewlett Packard, FRANCE          |  desk   arne_luehrs@hp6300.desk.hp.com
                                 |  ampr   arne@pa0kkv []

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