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DOS 5.0

I have installed DOS 5.0 (BETA) on many of my systems. It is VERY
nice.  641K available AFTER loading with DOS loaded high. Installation
is very easy. Many PC Tools utilities are included.

NOS returns an error at boot that it does not like this version of
DOS - is this from NOS or from Turbo C?? It does come up though and
appears to run OK.

Seems like this might be the answer to some memory squeeze problems.
It gives a good 50-60K over DOS 3.2 and has alot of nice features
also. My brother has a MONO (hercules) 286 system and uses QRAM to
load TSR's high and to take advantage of the areas above 640K that are
not used when not using color. In combination with DOS 5.0 he has
710K available (for programs) after boot.


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