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Ax autoroutes

Brian et al,
  I agree totally with the dynamic handling of netrom routings.
This functionality has been in the G1EMM version of the netrom code
for about a year now. Basically, what happens is this:-
If a neighbour is tried via ax25 and fails to establish a link, it and
all its dependencies have thier quality value reduced to 2/3 of the
original. This rapidly knocks totally non-viable paths out of the NR
tables. If however, the link was not made due to short lived noise etc
the path is still available for later use, albeit at a lower quality.
  Admittedly, I only attempt the ax25 connect at the time that we want
to carry 'real' traffic.
  Anyone interested in the details, look at nr_derate() in the netrom
source code in kh113016.zip on thumper.
  I would suggest that the same sort of 'quality' idea is used for
ax25 routing for the same reasons. This could then allow multiple
dynamic routes in a way that is not possible at the moment. How you
determine the route qualities is another matter all together! :-)

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