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How to reach G8BPQ..

    Hello All,

I am not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I figured it was probably
a good start.  I am using the G8BPQ PC-Node software with NET/NOS code and some
new BBS software at WB3FFV.  What I have run into is that G8BPQ has released
some new PC-Node software (4.xx) that is supposed to use some TSR programs
to provide KISS, PK232, & TNC2 emulation.  As of now I have found the latest
BPQ code, but in the archives I don't see any of the TSR's that are mentioned.
If anyboy knows how I might reach G8BPQ via PACKET/Internet or UUCP it would
be most appreicated. Also if anybody has a copy of his latest code that also
contains the various emulation modules, and would be willing to let me have
a copy it would be most appreicated.  I can call in and download the code, or
of possible I have FTP and UUCP capabilities.  Well that is all I have, and I
hope somebody can help me with this one...

Internet  : howardl@wb3ffv.ampr.org     |       Howard D. Leadmon
UUCP      : wb3ffv!howardl              |       Advanced Business Solutions
TELEX     : 152252474                   |       210 E. Lombard St - Suite 410
FAX       : (301)-244-8790              |       Baltimore, MD 21202
PACKET    : WB3FFV @ WB3FFV.MD.USA.NA   |       Phone: (301)-576-8635

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