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multiple routes

This issue of multiple ax.25 paths is, I hate to remind people,
[no, no, tell the truth -- I don't hate it at all] is one
part of the problem that I tried to raise, and address, several
months ago, which was, shouldn't we be able to handle multiple
physical paths to a single IP address and choose the best one
at any given time (or, really, for a time interval delta-t).
One obvious aspect of that problem is the possibility of having
multiple AX.25 routes, which, as I understand it, is precisely
the issue that has now been raised by others. I was attempting to
address a slightly wider issue, namely the IP routes which, typically,
may have both AX.25 and NETROM routes built into them. A pure
AX.25->AX.25 connection where the remote host was not an IP
host was not addressed,

I won't bore you with my proposed solution, which was posted here.
I looked at the code myself with a stupid notion that I might be
able to build a mechanism for keeping a linked list of routes
for each IP host. But I quickly discovered that I couldn't live
without all my wonderful C++-isms and it was beyond my primitive
C ability, (which I have no wish to improve!) to hack NOS to
see if my proposed algorithm would really work.

I would be very glad to see someone implement any reasonable
automatic solution to the problem of multiple paths, because
I think that its something that those of us out here in the
boonies can use. [BTW, is there anyone else out there who
regards his VHF IP coverage to extend over 100,000 square
miles? -- paths are LONG out here]


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