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NOS/MSYS Forwarding

First, I lost my "tcp-group" feed this month, so if this has been
discussed please bear with me.
I have recently been deludged with reports of NOS to MSYS forwarding
failures. Heres what I have found so far: (ie: AX.25)
When forwarding a *SINGLE* message, no sweat, all works just fine.
When forwarding more than *ONE* message at a time, KAPOOF,BANG,BOOM!
The first message gets forwarded just fine, the *SECOND* message
starts out with a bang! The command NOS sends to initiate the
forwarding of the second message is FUBAR. Here is what I was able
to trace. N8HSP-2 is a TheNet 2.06 node interconnecting N8HSP-4
my NOS node to WA8BXN MSYS PBBS. The following is *AFTER* successfully
forwarding the first message.

AX25: N8HSP-2->N8HSP-4 I NR=6 NS=5 pid=Text
0000  >.

AX25: N8HSP-4->N8HSP-2 I NR=6 NS=6 pid=Text
0000  SP tle?. < n8hsp .

Well, any takers on this one? I looked at the /spool/mail/wa8bxn.txt
file before forwarding and I couldn't find anything there that looked
outta place.

Please reply by E-mail as I said I lost my "tcp-group" feed this month.

Hey all you NOS/MSYS people this is TCP/IP!
MSYS Sysop's activate your SMTP server!
NOS  User's  activate your SMTP server!
Flame out! Speaking of flame outs, Support *OUR* troops overseas!!!!

!usenet.ins.cwru.edu!ncoast!n8hsp!tbell or ab617@cleveland.freenet.edu

Terry Bell []                   INTERNET: ab617@cleveland.freenet.edu
AmPR: N8HSP@WA8BXN.OH        UUCP: uunet!usenet.ins.cwru.edu!ncoast!n8hsp!tbell

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