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RSPF Routes

Despite the advice from Anders, we are still having problems with
rspf locally. My particular concern at present is the apparent need
to be able to lock out nodes, like you can with netrom and rip.

I have a station some distance from me, who I can hear but not work
reliably. He is running rspf and I can hear his rspf broadcasts
occasionally. I am running rspf in vc mode (tho' I think he is
running datagram, or none [what's the difference?]). The problem is
that I am showing routes via him that I know I cannot use.

RSPf status shows him as a bad route, so why haven't the routes been
dropped from the table?

73 Gareth
PS (To Anders) thanks for the changed rspf timer, I also changed rspf
suspect to 7200 so it was still twice the rspf timer. Is this
Gareth Howell G6KVK
g6kvk@g6kvk.ampr.org          AMPRNET          []
garethh@cix.compulink.co.uk   EUNET
g6kvk@gb7khw._2111.gbr.eu     UK BBS Network
29 Blackmore, Letchworth, Herts ENGLAND SG6 2SX +44 (462) 677090

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