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>The easiest might be the following:
> 1. Add login for BBS ax25/netrom connects. Login name and Password
>would be in ftpusers.

If you do this, you need to either a) add encrypted transmission of the
password, or b) use some algorithm to verify it, such as the old list-of-
-indexes-into-a-passphrase trick (sorta like a one-time pad).  Remember
that ANYONE can monitor the transmission of a password on the radio if
you don't do something to hide it.

But, soft!  What you're saying, forsooth, is that there are hams out
there who don't shrink from the illegality of using a callsign not
their own to forge messages.  What they're doing is illegal.  Is it a
big enough problem that you can't just get them stomped on?

I.e., are at the stage where we can't trust our fellow hams not to be
hackers and jammers too?  Hmm.  I'm not surprised, just disappointed.
        - Brian

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