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Help with PBBS forwarding

I have a question about the NOS mailbox <--> PBBS forwarding setup:

  I would like to forward msgs between my station (running
g1emm) and a local bbs.  The callsign of the local bbs, however, is the same
as the callsign of the tcp/ip station, i.e., nn2z can refer to either the
bbs (nn2z-4) or the tcp/ip station (  My question is:
How do I set up the forward.bbs and domain.txt files to be able to forward
msgs to the bbs and still have tcp/ip connectivity to

So far, it seems that I have to remove the entry in the domain.txt
for forwarding to take place.

Joseph R. Skoler

UUCP:      {cmcl2|apple!}panix!joseph
BITNET:    skohc@cunyvm.bitnet
INTERNET:  ak526@cleveland.freenet.edu
AMPR NET:  kc2yu@kc2yu.ampr.org  []
PBBS:      kc2yu@nn2z.nj.usa.na

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