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   a couple of suggestions might help. Firstly, if an alias file does not
exist in the same directory as ftpusers, create one. Even an empty file will
do. This may save part of the domain file access time. Secondly, if you are
running a recent version of mine... eg 901130 (g1emm version 1.6) you can
try using 'smtp usemx off' in your autoexec.net file. Lastly, the following
entries in your domain file, right at the beginning might help:-
*.ampr.org   IN    MX   10
*.org   IN    MX   10
There might have to be a . after the org field actually....
  Give it a whirl and get back to me on the results.
     All the best,
| Kelvin J.Hill - BULL HN Ltd, Hounslow, England. |
| Internet - kelvin.uk22.bull.com  [] |
| Amprnet  - g1emm.ampr.org        []   |

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