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Re: G1EMM 113016 program size reduction

>   I have to say that if you are getting 600kb+ executables, something is
> *VERY* wrong with your compilation environment. For a cut-down version
> I get a .exe of about 300kb which is reduced to about 160kb by pklite.
>   I suggest you try compiling up an unmodified copy of my version and
> see what that generates on your system. If that works ok, then I suggest
> you look very carefully at your modifications. :-)

I tried that. I got an executable of 660K, versus 662K for the DG1 version.
(I went ahead and #undef'ed PACKET.) Looking at the link map shows that
the end of the code is only at 328K, including all data areas.

What could take up the extra 332K??! Ouch! I'd guess that it'd work better
if the extra cruft wasn't there. How do I go about looking at what's there?

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