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remote-sysop crashes more frequent

Hello -

   I have noticed that if I'm on a remote ax.25 connection (i.e. from
school) and I type 'ifconfig' , the system crashes.  Sometimes it hangs,
often it issues a PANIC because of a timer loop.  Anybody else
experienced this?  I'm going through the remote op commands to see
if anything else is causing any trouble.

   Incidentally, in the 2/1/91 code in the nrcmd.c routine, there are
a few places where the factor '1000' (for 1000ms/sec) was not typecast
as 1000L, if your "netrom nodetimer" or "netrom obsotimer" loops funny
from the net> prompt, this could be the cause.

   Finally, has anybody implemented some sort of watchdog timer for NOS,
so that if it "hangs" the machine can automatically reboot and let
autoexec.bat handle the rest?


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