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Re: collision avoidance

In message <9102200845.AA05460@ka9q.bellcore.com> you write:
>  I'd like to build in a complete list of
> AX.25 broadcast addresses if I could. The ones I know about so far are QST,
> CQ, NODES, MAIL, BEACON and ID. Are there others?


the 'RMNC' broadcast address is quite intensively used in Europe; it means
something like 'Rhein-Mainz Network Controller'.
The most Network Nodes in Europe are using Hardware (8530) and software
that was developed in Germany by the 'Rhein-Mainz' group; they provide
ax.25 autorouting (named Flexnet) based on tables filled on receipt of
RMNC broadcasts. If NOS could broadcast to RMNC, we'd also be listed in
their tables; this would considerably improve our 'audience', since
NET/ROM is now being considered as an old-fashioned routing protocol
in Europe, and having a neighbour NET/ROM node to get broadcasts from is
almost impossible.
                                            Marco HB9CAT (sysop hb9zz)

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