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NOS vs NET telnet

I've finally got my pc talking to my unix system via ethernet (first
step toward the great Front End Processor project).  I've noticed
something, though, with telnet sessions that has me stumped.

Using 0828 NOS, the first character of each line of the /etc/issue
display and login prompt disappears... I see something like:

elcome to the AG9V Unix server.


until after I've logged in and /bin/sh is running; then the $ prompt is
there and everything works ok.

Running 890421.1 net, I don't have this problem; the first character of
these lines shows up fine.

I'm running Excelan tcp/ip on the unix machine, and it's putting up a
standard getty on the pseudo-tty.

Is there a bug/feature/unknown switch in NOS that causes this behavior?
Is there a cure?

John Ackermann   AG9V

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