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Mbox problem with nos 1.7J

I am running nos 1.7J and am able to exchange mail with the
local aa4re bbs with no problems, with one exception...
  If I issue the command "mbox kick" and there is no mail
to be sent out I get the error "mail file busy, abort or retry".
If I set the mbox timer to anything other than 0, then within
one cycle of the timer the console stops responding and the
system will slowly grind to a halt.
  If there is mail to be forwarde to the aa4re system then all
works fine, both the mbox kick and the timer cycle.  The problem
doesn't show up unless the time cycles and there is no mail to

Since forwards/reverse forwards and anything else I've tried works
as long as there is mail to be done, I havn't been able to find
anything I should change to effect this.
  Except for this one problem, the system is working great as a
gateway.  I would appriciate any ideas on how to get around this
problem.  the system will be a beautiful ax25-tcp gateway once
this is cured.

Thanks, KK6JX

email address: hibberts@scfe.nwc.navy.mil

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