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RSPF vs. OSPF? No holy war, please!

I suppose Andy expected _me_ to jump in with, "RSPF does it!"  Imagine
my surprise at being beaten to the punch by Milo with "OSPF does it!"

Milo notes,
>I know of no work going on to support RSPF on Unix, or other router platforms.
>This is a bit of pain in a lot of environments...

True... RSPF is intended for Packet Radio use.  Draft v2.2 is much
more generalized than 2.1, and is not limited to NOS use, or DOS use
(indeed mapping it into NOS requires a tiny bit of imagination, though
not a lot), but it's not intended as a wireline IGP.  RPSF fits into
the "autonomous system" model, where the radio stuff uses RSPF to handle
really bogus connectivity within really bogus memory limitations (NOS
on DOS).  I just don't see how OSPF can fit into Real Mode, and I
don't think it would be comfortable with 100 bps net connectivity
(typical on our rf "LANs" here).  So let's not start a religious war
over "dueling IGPs", lest I let some of my I-IS-IS friends loose here.

Okay, last call:  Anybody who has the draft of RPSF2.2 architeture is
encouraged to comment by next week, before I release it.  (This means
you too, Mike!)
   fred k1io

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