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GRI 1.8b

> The broken conditional on AXIP was fixed some months ago, although
> Gerard or Phil may have missed it.  As I recall, the problem was that
> there was some other symbol already in the code named "axip" before
> the actual axip idea was thought of, and this coincidence of name
> caused someone to add a conditional around something that should not
> have been conditional.

It is my mistake, Phil does not have AXIP in his code. On request I made
it configurable via config.h and goofed !! I NEVER saw a message mentioning
a fix or the fix itself.

> I can dig up that fix if you need it.  I had found it independently
> and was doing to send out a message to the group, I think, when it
> was reported by someone else, but I don't recall who.

See the other message i send out (with the "fix").


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