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In-Reply-To: NOS mail program?

> Does anyone have a particularly spiffy NOS mailer program that
> I can learn, tame, and present next month when I demo NOS to
> hams on Kauai?  I once tried to get a mailer working on NOS but
> it had hard-coded file paths that were unreasonable for me to use.
> I particularly want to have a STABLE program.  Bells and whistles
> come second.

I have recently tried two full screen PC programs: View and PC ELM.
They can be found in the MSDOS/KA9Q-TCPIP area at wuarchive.wustl.edu.
Both are pretty quirky.

I tried PC ELM first, since that's similar to ELM on the Ultrix systems
that I use regularly.  Configuration is by environment variables, and
a text .rc file.  It can handle both KA9Q and UUCP mail.  It has support
for multiple user configurations, via a HOME environment variable.

This program is probably what you need.  It's a little klunky, the screen
is overcrowded, but it handled all of my files.

But, it doesn't have support for subdirectories, folders, or many other
useful features of the original ELM.

The View program has a very nice configuration program, but an annoying
requirement that the configuration file MUST be in /spool.  Since I keep
my files in ka9q/spool/mail, it doesn't easily find them.  You can
change the configuration to look in the right place.  But, it has fatal
errors when you try to reply.

Instead of UUCP, View does email for netware.  I don't use either, so that's
no win for me.

Another problem with View is that it reads the files correctly from SMTP
mail, but not from KA9Q POP2 mail, nor for the auto-save files from the
Ultrix ELM.  After much travail, I discovered the "From " line must have
an '@' on it, and must have the date.  Too picky.  I wrote a program to
fix the headers.

Yet, I am writing this with View.  It's some of those bells and whistles.
One, it has a F6 digest exploder.  That's how I'm answering this directly.
It has better support for multiple folders for a single user, so that I can
save files out from the incoming file for each of my mailing lists.
Also, it has the capability to do various other functions by Alt- and F-keys.
So my fingers are happier.

So, your choice.

Bill Simpson

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