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TTYLINK and COM: Ports

> you simply connect to the BBS via telnet or ax25 then issue a command
> ASY <com:x> this gives you *** connected to <com:x>
> ctrl X gets you out

Looks good, what security do you have?  Can you limit access
based on "/ftpusers". (ftpusers should probably be called
something like "/access.lst" by now. :-)

> I wanted it to connect my FIDO Box to WNOS

Similar things here, I want to play with connecting my
Fido/Waffle box and a sprinkler controller.  Another "local" ham
wants to connect up a weather station!

> I think Mike DB3FL will have this included in the next release of WNOS3x

I wait with bated breath! :-)  (Seriously though, this is a
feature that still would be good in NOS.  Make it *very* useful
on a hilltop controlling RS-232C driven equipment, like
repeaters! :-)

Carl Makin, MVS/ESA Systems Programmer, VAX/VMS Dabbler.
Dept. Health, Housing and Community Services, Canberra, Australia.
sserve.cc.adfa.oz.au!hhcs!makinc   -   UUCP
makinc@hhcs.gov.au                 -   Internet
vk1kcm@vk1kcm.act.aus.oc           -   Packet Radio
"I'm from the Government and I'm here to help you."

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