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Hey! VP/ix vs Merge 386

>   Ok, Locus is a Unix developer and a vendor of Unix products. I
> wrote the assembly language trap handler for Unix that handles the
> virtual machine traps on Merge 386, I also modified an existing
> ROM BIOS product to create the "Virtual ROM". For those that don't
> know, Merge 386 is a DOS under Unix product from 386 machines. Currently
> bundled as part of SCO's Open Desk Top, it is at least as good as
> VP/ix.

I actually ran NOS under vp/ix for awhile using a Paccom PC-100
card. It worked, but not at anything over 300 baud. This was in
a 25 Mhz 386 system, under ISC Unix 2.0.2 (SV3.2).

 -Ken Mitchum KY3B

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