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Memory leak?

> All this talk of memory leak. It must be in some module that I do
> not use. I do not see it. In machines with lots of memory to spare
> it settles down to a value and basically stays there.

If it's GRINOS, I've seen no system here in Houston last more than 6-7 days
without rebooting.  Pretty reproducible.  I run KarnCode, and haven't had that
problem, but, I've never let it run for more than 2 months or so.

> I DO NOT run multitasking. I found early on that this was a problem.
> Could this be where some of the problem is?

Probably where the problem is located.  Seems like we chased this bug a year
or so ago.

> I have a switch that runs for months at a time with a core level that
> stabilizes.

:-) At what level?  I prefer something above the 1k limit...

> I do not run rip,rspf,nntp but do run pop,smtp,ftp,telnet and BBS in/out
> forwarding extensively.

Sounds like you've defined a stable system for your application.

Gerry Creager
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"You probably wanted to do that all your life!"  -- William Shatner (or, more
precisely, his image) in $tar Trek VI

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