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ro add 44.136.0/24 problem.

It looks like there may be a problem in the "route" or "rip" code.

If you do the following add
route add 44.136.0/24 ax0

RIP broadcasts it as "44.136/16".  As 44.136.0/24 is the class c
net for the Australian Capital Territory region and 44.136/16 is
the class b net for Australia we would tend to end up with rather
a lot of unwanted frames. :-(

Anyone seen it before?

Carl Makin, MVS/ESA Systems Programmer, VAX/VMS Dabbler.
Dept. Health, Housing and Community Services, Canberra, Australia.
sserve.cc.adfa.oz.au!hhcs!makinc   -   UUCP
makinc@hhcs.gov.au                 -   Internet
vk1kcm@vk1kcm.act.aus.oc           -   Packet Radio
"I'm from the Government and I'm here to help you."

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