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So many responses, so little time. I too am getting multiple copies
of everything. Basically forget writting drivers for os/2 for pi cards
etc, os/2 is not a plug and play toy like dos, device drivers not only
are far more capable (and need to be) than dos drivers but also operate
at R0 so any bug takes out os/2 and everything else. I think the answer to
these holy wars we've been having is , simply put, NOS will go whereever
a resonalbly competent programmer wants to take it. That really is the
sole reason for my version for os/2,,,I wanted it. The fact others wanted
it too was icing, but I ported it for me. If I had an 8080 or 8085(which
I do) I might port it there also, but I have no interst in that. So I
think for alot of this brand x stuff, if someone wants it bad enough there
they will make a version for that platform. The best idea I have heard
in a long time is to have nos application people concentrate on what features
nos should support, another group (platforms) worry abt getting it to various
platforms and yet a third group (bugs) make the bugs for it...no, actually
coordinate the list of known bugs for any given version (or the app design
itself).  So for those that want it on the atari or enix or whatever,
have at it guys and lets stop this foolish bickering over weither Bill
Gates is more of a man that the 'blue ninja' or the other fol...foolish

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