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finger files

I seem to be missing something....

In GRInos, I have all the nos stuff down it's own subdir...
I put the finger files in \nos\finger.... if you finger me
with "@giskard.uthscsa.edu" you get the files in the user
list, but if you try "info@giskard.uthscsa.edu" the program
seems to have trouble reading the file off to the remote

Yep, I did RTFM, and it doesn't tell me to do different...>>

| jack spitznagel
| Internet:   jks@giskard.uthscsa.edu
|             spitznagel@thorin.uthscsa.edu
| Bitnet:     spitznagel@uthscsa
| AmprNet:    kd4iz@sat.ampr.org
| CIS:        76044,476

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