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bm and wg7j-nos

You may have gotten my later message by now but the problem was
the limited number of clients and sockets defined in config.h as
distributed. Think it to be unrealistically low for a typical
NOS user.

Anyway I got over that hurdle. I do NOT use DV this is stand-alone
NOS running withhout multitasking. I run what I believe to be a
safe installation. By safe I like to mean crash proof. The number
one priority with me is reliability. You can have all of the features
in the world but without reliability you just have a headache.

Getting over the hurdle of the original problem I have now had it
crash four hours after starting. Looking at the log file it was
sometime after (during) an Mbox connect that I made from another station.
If that happens much more than it's back to PA0 code for me. I have
this thing about crashes. They drive me crazy! I have not had one in so
long running the PA0 code (at two locations) that it is even more
frustrating to have them now.

I hope this does not sound to harsh. I appreciate very much your efforts.
Early G1EMM code had it's share of problems. I know they will be worked

One other thing - when using another Nos' BBS to ax25 connect to your
code (bbs) with jumpstart on, I do not get the banner unless I hit
that extra CR. When I do I get the banner and two ID lines. I know there
are limitations with the code understanding the connection as explained
in the readme - is this normal?


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