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SMTP mailjam?

> !!) There also seems to be at times a tremendous delay with
>     loss of kbd control (and sometimes screen) when NOS is
>     doing a domain lookup... this seems to last anywhere
>     from a minute to infinity with no rhyme or reason. It
>     really puts ripples in my WA when I have to
>     three-finger-salute the machine to regain composure...
>     (BTW -- this is mess-windows independent... (for a
>     change!!!) but appears less likely to occur if i rip
>     all LIMS/HIMEM garbage out of config.sys...)

Yes, I had the similar problem with NOS - when RIP started, sometimes
there are strange delays and sometimes screen becomes to look like it
was put in 'more' mode with lower 2-3 lines lost - i.e. when as an
example you enter '?', you'll get not all the commands and is the next
command you enter is 'ps' (as example) - you'll get anything left from
the '?' command and part of the 'ps' screen :-(
Sorry but I had no time to track the problem.
I have version of NOS from December 1991, MS DOS 5.0 and tried this on
286 and 386 computers as well.



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