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Update wars ()

Johan, et all.
I will diff the wg7jsrc3 stuff against 1.9d and wait if johan has more.
I also have to check a zillion +one other things.
The suggestion from N1BEE for the DFAR trick aparently does
not work for TC 2.0. I get all kind of mismatch errors.
I still lack a courtesy copy of BC 2.0++ and understand there is already
a 3.0++ version around.
For all other "recompilers" around the world: The primary compiler
still is TC 2.0 , upward to BORLAND C++ 2.0 (Do NOT USE C++ 1.xx ever!!)
FAQ: domain server code was in nos_0808 (latest server). Probably somewhere
still around. Due to too many changes not currently in NOS. Plans are to
incorporate it again and use sdbm for domain lookup database. A separate
domain.txt to .inf converter/editor would be made (to much idle code in NOS)
Regards, Gerard.
Internet: gvdg@cdc.com                  |     Gerard J van der Grinten
UUCP:     gvdgpc!gvdg                   |     Control Data Bv.
Telephone: 0(+31)-70-3119703            |     Van Markenlaan 5
                                        |     2805 VL RIJSWIJK    Netherlands

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