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GRI 1.9d

I got the following complaint from a BBS user when I put 1.9d in service.

From: wa3tsw@wa3tsw.ampr.org (John Robison)
To: wa3dsp@wa3dsp.ampr.org
Subject: NOS BBS

Hi Doug.  There is a problem with the first BBS prompt presented by the
version of NOS you are running at home.  It presents a > followed by a
space instead of a carriage return.  That prevents the exchange from
continuing and I time out.  I logged in manually and replied to that prompt.
All subsequent prompts are correct.  It's just the first one that has your
identification data that is wrong.
73, John

This may be caused by the 'jumpstart' command. It initially was on
(if that is default in PA0) and I turned it off. With it off a connect
from the NOS command line of another system 'c ax0 xxx' requires (as
expected) a CR to get the banner back, but then gives you the banner
plus a double command option line. Can we have this so that it is the
way it always was with 'jumpstart off'?

Subsequently I entered the additional data in the MBOX command and I
think it may have solved this. Just a reminder that the new code may
require some additional settings to work correctly. Also with PA0
(vs. Johan's code) it appears that the 'net alias' is required. Without
it the BBS banner does not display an alias when in 'nrid on'. I beieve
with Johan's it picks up the alias fron the attach if not supplied in
'net alias'

Point is - things are changing so fast here that you have to be
careful to maintain a working system.


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