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Problem with NOS1229

Hello Gerard!

I recently FTPed your version of NOS1229 (v1.8b), and I replaced old
version (0628) I was using with new exec WITHOUT any changes in
configuration. But it seems that new NOS isn't accepting (receiving) any
data from TNC. It can however send some data to the TNC, and TNC is sending
it on the air. In asystat display all RX parameters are zeros. Both exec
I downloaded and exec I compiled from your sources are behaving in this
way, however they differ in size. Old version runs OK using the same
AUTOEXEC.NOS, and all is OK.

This hapened on 386SX Philips computer running MessDOS 5.0, with PK-88 on
COM2 (9600 bauds between TNC and computer).

I will try to test this situation on another computer in the weekend, but
maybe you already know where the problem is.

                               73 de Andy SP5WCA

I Andrzej K. Brandt I SP5WCA I Andy@mimuw.edu.pl I sp5wca@sr5bbs      I

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