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Multiple Modems in the Kantronics DataEngine

Over the past few days I have received quite a few email messages from others
who were using Kantronics multi-modem TNC and doing multiple attaches via
the kiss command.

I couldn't get anything to work on my DataEngine so I decided to go back to

I did a hard reset on the DE having it resort to AX25 mode.  I checked to
make sure ax25 connects could go through the second port. (they didn't) ..

At this point I start worrying about something being wrong with the DE.
Digging through the manual, I found something called the PORT command.  The
PORT command is initial defaulted to "0", which means 1 modem in port 1.
Changing it to PORT=1 now told the dataengine to recognize modems installed
in both port 1 and 2.

Sure enough, I restored KISS mode, and now everything works just fine.  It
ended up being a hardware problem after all.

Thanks everyone who wrote me with suggestions.

        uucp: {gatech, ames, rutgers}!ncar!asuvax!stjhmc!ddodell
      Bitnet: ATW1H @ ASUACAD                    FidoNet=> 1:114/15
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               Amateur Packet ax25: wb7tpy@wb7tpy.az.usa.na

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