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Was - Re: NOS Mailbox - A modest proposal...8-]!

>>>>> Regarding Re: NOS Mailbox - A modest proposal...8-]!; lyndon@cs.athabascau
.ca said:

lyndon> Rather than beating our brains against the wall trying to squeeze that
lyndon> extra 17 bytes out so we can start shipping IRC client (and probably
lyndon> server the way some people around here talk) code as part of NOS

        Hey Lyndon!

        When DB3FL was writing WNOS3 he managed to squeeze another
        34 bytes out and so WNOS3 already has an IRC like server
        AND client called "convers". It is capable of being run locally
        only (access via the mailbox) or transparently across TCP
        interlinked hosts.

        Sometimes the real world moves faster than fantasy :-)


        Mike (G6DHU)

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