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2 small bug fixes for GRI2.0a

Hi all,
i found to small bugs in gerard's 2.0 .
The first was introduced when he incorporated my diffs into his code.
The mailbox doesn't set the user as a bbs when that flag is set in ftpusers.

The second has been around in several versions for quite some time.
It causes received BID's to be forwarded all garbled up to the next hop.
This bug was pointed out to me quite some time ago by a group in Australia,
and i finally found it :-)
This was caused by a missing trailing ".bbs" in the message-id field as written
by the mailbox mbx_data() routine. The forwarding code checks for this '.bbs'
field to figure out if the id is an original bid or just a message number

Anyway, here are the diffs


<               m->sid ^= IS_BBS;
>               m->sid = MBX_SID;
<               fprintf(m->tfile,"<%s@%s>\n", m->tomsgid, m->name);
>               fprintf(m->tfile,"<%s@%s.bbs>\n", m->tomsgid, m->name);

a snap shot of my v0.94 is up on ece.orst.edu for those interested

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